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Grapefruit annoys an old favorite, Apple.


Grapefruit: Where's some entertainment nowadays?

(An Apple iPhone is placed on the counter)

Apple: You look bored.

Grapefruit: And you look a bit down! Did your mum trip over the wireless connection again?

Apple: Wow, reminds me of Orange.

Grapefruit: Oh yeah? I'm gonna kick his [bleep] six ways from [bleep] soon.

Apple: How can you kick? You don't have legs.

Grapefruit: Watch it, Apple.

Apple: All I'm saying is that you...

Grapefruit: Ya answering me back?

Apple: I happen to be the latest Apple iPhone.

Grapefruit: Okay, then. If so, calculate this: (2484 + 2353) divided by 435

Apple: You know I have a calculator?

Grapefruit: Use it!

Apple: Okay, it was 11.12.

Grapefruit: Wrong. (whispering) "Was?"

Apple: Then what was it?

Grapefruit: I don't know, I was asking you.

Apple: You know what? You're overweight.

Grapefruit: I smell smoke, and now you're on fire.

Apple: (screams)

Grapefruit: Serves you right for messing with the king of fruitdom. (laughs)

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